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    Follow the steps below for self-directed options.   We make it easy to find what you need to age in place or recover at home.   We empower you with Products, Services, and Information.  

    Step 1

    At the top right of this Home Page, click on the AGING IN PLACE CHECKLIST and HOME MODIFICATION CHECKLIST to review what you will need.

    Step 2

    From the Home Page, scroll down to the SERVICES boxes and click on what you need.

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    Click the "View More" to be taken to that company's website to transact directly with them.
    Do the same for every category box that you need.

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    Go to the "Contact" tab at the top and fill out the form to receive news and updates from us.

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    About Castle Maven:

    Castle Maven is a full-scope Aging-in-Place Solutions Company.  We’ve bridged the gap between high-touch care coordination and institutional care by offering guided and self-directed options.

    We have Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists (CAPS) to conduct home safety evaluations and recommend universal home modification designs to meet your specific needs.

    With a trusted network of contractors, remodelers, designers, and other service providers, including caregivers, we can help you transition your home so you can age or recover comfortably, safely, and in stylish surroundings.

    We also offer our comprehensive website platform for those who prefer a self-directed approach to aging-at-home and recovery-at-home.

    Whether individuals and families prefer to coordinate care efficiently themselves to save time and money or prefer a guided approach, at Castle Maven we provide multiple options to empower them to reach their goals.

    Your Home is Your Castle.   Live There.   Age There.

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    Aging in Place Together

    It's Never Too Early to Plan for Aging-In-Place

    At Castle Maven, we truly understand that the idea of aging is psychologically (let alone, physically) difficult, which leads most people to put off any planning until years later.  However, with new technologies, processes, and available resources, including financial ones, it's never too early to plan for aging-in-place; we believe it should be a part of an overall retirement strategy.   

    We welcome you to explore the options we offer. Contact us to schedule a brief complimentary consultation. 

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