Telemedicine Care

Telemedicine and Care Resources from the West Coast to the East Coast

Most people are unaware that Telemedicine and home health care have been around for decades. Country doctors used to treat patients by phone when office visits were inconvenient or impossible. Home Care Nurses have been delivering direct patient care onsite since the profession began. With improvements in technology, processes, and changes to government policies, primary care practitioners are able to provide many healthcare services 24/7 at one’s home or even when traveling.


Many who are aging in place or are recovering post operatively, prefer to do so at home where the support system is the closest.  The home also provides familiarity, safety, and convenience which have aided achieving optimal health and faster recoveries.

Through improved technology, Telemedicine offers the option to communicate with doctors, nurses or other allied health professionals through live video, audio, and instant messaging any time of the day.  Home Care coordination is only a phone call away to reach a nurse and even a physical therapist. Explore Castle Maven’s Telemedicine and Care resources page to find a licensed health care professional for your specific needs covering the West Coast to East Coast.