The Castle Maven’s Guide to Blog Writing

In simple words, blogs are written bodies that are specifically designed to provide readers with a variety of different ideas and guides, and information. There are many benefits to blog writing. It can help you in providing information to other users whilst also enabling you to educate yourself on a wide variety of topics.

Differences Between an Article and A Blog

Some people might think that a blog is the same as an article is. However, this is not the case, though there are some similarities. Both of them have the same set of information as the other and both of them can be guides for certain things.

However, some things can make you easily differentiate between the two.


The first one is formality and informality. You see, blogs are written in a user-friendly and can be opinionated to serve the best interest of the individual or user. They don’t have a lengthy word limit and can be between 500 to 800 but lower than 1000 words. Also, they are written in a first-person style and usually do not have to undergo between an editor or the company you have written it from.

Although there is something called keywords and they have to be infused into the main bodies for better performance of the website.


Articles on the other hand are lengthy and more formal. They can belong to entire organizations and don’t always have to be opinionated by a single user. Most of the time, articles are used to talk about certain topics, such as showcasing an individual’s strength for debates, and can go over 1000 words which is the typical word limit for a blog.

 You will also see that articles have proper citations and formal use of wording infused in them as well and they undergo between different editors. They also have to be SEO optimized by the SEO team to better articulate what the topic is showcasing.

How do you become a Blog Writer?

There is no rocket science to becoming a blog writer. All you have to do is be good at your writing skills and contain a wide range of vocabulary. You also have to choose which type of style will better fit with the topic you will be writing for. If it is for business needs, then make your blog more fitted with formal words that your business is situated in.

If you’re writing a blog for a medical journal that fringe your vocabulary with that particular writing and vice versa. This is the main point of becoming a blog writer. All you have to do is choose your topic. If you are a Freelancer that provides writing services for clients all around the world then you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular topic, you can expand your knowledge and write on a wide variety.

If you work as a Content Writer for a particular organization, then you can choose to write on a specific topic. Whatever, best fits your style, you will need to adjust properly so that you can write about it efficiently.

How to properly write a Blog

Now that you have decided on everything, you will find yourself in a bit of a weary position. The first one is, how you will be starting the blog. Every writing piece has three important things. The Introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. 

The Introductory bit is one of the most important parts of any writing piece because it is at this time that you have to fuse the reader and make them interested in your blog. Choose your words carefully, the best writing style you can choose at this time is a persuasive one as you have to persuade the reader into explaining what your blog is talking about.

The next step is to make sure that you are using paragraphs and sentences that are short and contain important key points. Don’t force yourself to beat around the bush, write simple and concise words, making sure that you are telling the reader what they want to know and the reason why they are reading your blog instead of telling them something they already know.

 Another thing to make sure of is to keep your blog user-friendly. You are not a robot nor is the reader. Elucidate your blog in such a way that it feels like you are talking directly with the reader.

Resourcing for your Blogs

What is a Resource Blog?

A Resource Blog is something that writers use to explain to their readers, what types of niches, applications, software, and any other tips that the writer might have for the reader.

The thing about becoming a Resource Writer is that you only have to give out important tips to the reader, and share your secrets and any styles that make your blogs unique and stylish. Resource Blogs generally help your website to reach for better traffic as well.


If you want to start a career as a writer then should start to write away! (Pun intended). You will see a gradual upgrade in your vocabulary, your interests, and also your information about different topics. Expand yourself and start writing today.

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